Hair News: DevaCurl Launches Products for Super Curly Texture



Ladies with super curly texture can now rest assured their locks will get the TLC and boost they need with the newest additions to DevaCurls’ product lineup: No Poo Decadence shampoo, One Condition Decadence conditioner and SuperCream styler. At the rollout in New York City this week the room was chock-full of curly haired women, including models dressed in all-white who stood on platforms and swung from swings, rocking styles primped by the DevaCurl team—not to mention singer and Brand Ambassador Andy Allo, who performed hits from her new album Hello.

“Everybody is so excited about these products because they perform beautifully and they work,” shares Cal Ellis, DevaCurl Technical Training Manager. Adding additional moisturizing ingredients was a key step to tailoring these products to the super curly girl. “It’s all about healthy fabric,” explains Ellis. “It takes the hair from polyester to cashmere and makes it more manageable. When the hair is hydrated you have more control and your cuts are better.”

of sulfates, parabens, silicones and harsh chemicals, the Decadence duo adds in chufa milk and quinoa while coconut oil is the star of SuperCream. “Curly girl’s hair creates a lot of oil but the ridges in the curls don’t allow that oil to travel to the ends,” explains Isabella Vazquez, DevaCurl artistic director. “These ingredients bring moisture and oil to the hair. It becomes shinier, livable and gives it life.”

The products are designed so you can walk out the door and let locks dry naturally or dry with a diffuser. “They give you freedom,” says Vazquez, who herself has super curly texture. “Whatever expression you want to make, you can make it because they contain exactly what you need—whether you want to mold, elongate, create volume or condense curls. It’s mind-blowing!”

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