FHI Heat Debuts its New 70,805 SF Headquarters


FHI Brands, announced the Grand Opening of its NEW 70,805 Square Foot Headquarters located near Los Angeles’ Six Flags Magic Mountain. After FHI Heat named Shauky Gulamani President and CEO, opening a new headquarters, creating a new brand identity and propelling FHI Brands onto three continents marks the culmination of a three year period of significant transformation and explosive growth.

The new FHI Brands headquarters is located in Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County: 29003 Avenue Sherman, Valencia, CA 91355. The new facility will eliminate distractions by including the daily operations of an in-house laboratory that will work to deliver cutting-edge formulations for hair care products; a state of the art education and training center; a monumental warehouse designed to accommodate the flow of professional and consumer inventory and raw materials; along with Human Resources, Marketing and Public Relations, Shows and Education, Graphics, Legal, Accounting, and Customer Service.

FHI Brands reflects the merged company’s values, goals and strengths that will focus on aggressive innovation highlighting its industry expertise with a commitment to serve the diverse beauty industry. Each company will showcase its own innovative platform of creativity reinforcing its individuality. FHI Heat will continue pioneering hair tools and products. STYLUS will spotlight a line of thermal styling brushes President and CEO Shauky Gulamani invented and sold out within 14 minutes of launching. Daily Beauty for Wildlife is a unique line of hairstyling products promoting the preservation of the planet’s dwindling wildlife. Additionally, products are free of sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, animal products and most of all cruelty–free.

“I am extremely proud to see our employees moving into this massive space that is enabling us to gather our staffs from two locations and unify us into one headquarters. With all the new additions from new employees, a colossal warehouse, a Laboratory to an Education Training Center; the introduction of FHI Brands is communicating powerfully that we remain at the Forefront of Heating Innovation. This new building is consistent with our drive and dedication to the effectiveness and efficiency of our internal operations.” –President and CEO Shauky Gulamani

[Images courtesy of FHI Heat]

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