High Times

Wedding Up-doBeauty’s most boisterous coifs lift us up where we belong.

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We may be feeling so low, so down, so six-feet-below, that we need to dig ourselves out of the depression brought on by plummeting this and unemployment that. Well, chuck that shovel, pick up a rattail comb and get ready to elevate to a higher state. Beauty is asking us to get high—on soaring updos, that is. Traditional coifs, like the regal French twist, coil to overexaggerated proportions with towering, teased crowns that take us to higher ground. Zany ’dos that riff on Frankenstein’s monster or being trapped in a chic wind tunnel are both boisterous and—let’s be honest—pretty freakin’ cool. These lofty styles let us reach a little higher and be a little more grand—so much better than coming down to reality. —Karie L. Frost

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