How to Boost Your Salon's Bottom Line

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Master Managing Your Salon

The best salon owners know how to use their resources to efficiently and effectively run their business. Here, two experts divulge how to optimize technology to boost your salon’s bottom line.

Andrea Miller, DaySmart Software Brand Marketing Manager

Gone are the days when salon owners managed with only pencil and paper. Appointment scheduling was a lengthy process of flipping through the schedule book and counting weeks, erasing appointments and sifting through pages for a client’s last appointment date–only to end your day manually tracking sales and crunching numbers until you determined the correct total.

Today, business owners are embracing technology to solve the crazy paper mess and boost revenue by automating tasks, efficiently communicating and staying on top of business productivity at the click of a button. You can even allow clients to schedule online 24/7.

Have you implemented all the tools available to boost your bottom line? Here are a few things to consider:

Implement two-way texting to send appointment reminders, last-minute opening notifications and marketing campaigns.

Automate front desk operations to save time on tasks and ensure clients show up for their appointments.

Build your reputation by requesting reviews and sharing on social media–a big win considering 85 percent of people trust online reviews.

Gain new customers when sharing your work on social platforms and allow prospects to schedule an appointment directly from your page.

Once you have a new client, enter them into a loyalty reward program and automatically track it.

Do you have a built-in credit card processing system with your scheduling solution? It will save time and the headache of manually calculating daily totals to reconcile finances while speeding up client checkout to enhance the customer experience.

Tim Howard, Vish Chief Innovation Officer

Leveraging innovative technology means owners and stylists are equipped with data and analytics that give them complete insight into their color business. The profit blind spot that color often represents for a salon can be revealed by data captured as product is dispensed, showing exact services delivered and color costs per service. A smart color-tracking system can even show how many grams of each color need to be replenished for a complete inventory.

Tools You Can Use

DaySmart Salon Software utilizes a digital appointment book, client management, salon metrics and myriad other capabilities so you can spend less time on back office and more time doing what you love. 

Meevo offers comprehensive tools to aid in running a more efficient and profitable salon business, including chairside checkout, streamlined booking, customizable management of client preferences, employee and business growth reporting, and more. 

Designed by salon owners for salon owners, Vish Intelligent Color Management Software not only measures color precisely, but uses data and analytics to set accurate prices, reduce inventory costs, eliminate color waste and make life easier for salon owners and stylists. 

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