How to Boost Productivity Behind the Chair

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Matter of Perspective

In the final part of his efficiency-boosting series, Oligo Professionnel digital creative director J Ladner discusses boosting wellness and productivity both behind and beyond the chair.

This series on how to improve efficiency to increase wellness behind the chair has been so rewarding and I am grateful we get to have this moment together. For the last part of this journey, I want to talk about wellness for you, and what that looks like. It’s so important to lean into oneself and to have awareness of where our heart, mind and hands want to connect within our business. Here are my top three tips on how to be in tune with yourself.

[1] Love yourself. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and believed the magic that was staring back at you? When was the last time you celebrated that perfect balayage, meeting your target goal in services or just showing up for your guests even when it was hard? This is your call to action to celebrate you, for you only. Self-love is the way to leading your business and career forward.

[2] Embrace the flow. In our line of work the days can ebb and flow; some days we may be booked, and others may be slow. Many times we put a huge barrier or wall in front of us when we feel our day didn’t work out the way it should, and we even may question our abilities. But we actually need these slow, quiet moments to help us learn to embrace uncertainty and build a road map—use this time to gain clarity on your mental health and where you envision yourself in the future. Embrace these times of discoveries as much as you do the victories, and know that awareness will set you up to win. You are not alone, so reach out to a hair bestie or a mentor if you are feeling overwhelmed or need inspiration.

[3] Your way is the right way. Let’s talk about understanding and defining your rules of engagement, as well as the mission and non-negotiables within your business. I like to start with the “why.” When leading with the “why,” it allows you to set the tone and momentum for your systems and protection in your beauty brand. This is something that can be changed or evolve over time. Think about your credibility and life story—you as a human being are always adapting and changing, and so too does your business. Feel inspired to refocus and revamp your “why,” systems and rules of engagement every couple of months. This ensures that you are staying true to what makes you happy. If we aren’t happy and secure with ourselves, we can’t show up accordingly for our guests.

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