Retailing for Suite Success


Remember the times when you would get the welcomed, yet unexpected salon visits from your favorite product sales rep? What about the time your distributors would have an impromptu product knowledge session letting you try the newest, greatest product? Oh, how times have changed in the salon especially in a salon suites environment. How do we get back that fun experience and relationship that made selling retail a win-win? 

The suites model has transformed the way we retail to our clients as well as our relationships with the product sales reps and distributors. We have all experienced a rocky learning curve in the transition.

I have been asked many questions by multiple sales reps, distributors, and product line companies. A common question that has been brought up is, “What is the best way to sell to the salon suite renter?” 

Many salon suites companies have become suppliers or liaisons to distributors by offering their suite renters a shopping space of professional salon and retail products conveniently located on location or drop shipped to their suite. This added feature is a great way to service the salon professional as well as strengthen the professional relationship and culture of the suites brand.

Distributors are offering drop-ship service to suite renters and their clients. Salon pros just simply place the orders for their clients directly with the distributor or professional store to have those products delivered to their customer’s door. No inventory. No overhead. No stress. The only downside is the retail revenue of selling the items from your own suite.  

Retail markup revenue can essentially pay your rent with the added cash flow if you know how to sell it. Here are some great tips for retailing in your suite:

  • Use what you sell – Your clients look to you for your professional opinion on what they need. If you use product lines other than the one you sell then it defeats the purpose of carrying that product line in the salon. What about what products you use at home? If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for them too.

  • Beauty of retailing design – Make it a point to pique your client’s interest by creating an outstanding retail area to showcase your products. The options are limitless and available for every style and budget. Clean shelves and products sell better than dusty ones. Make sure they sparkle for more money in your pocket.

  • Create a need – Clients may not know they need a product until they feel they need a product. How do you create that need for them? Listen to what they have to say about their beauty or styling concerns. The best way to find out is during their consultation and /or during the service. Avoid springing the questions at the end of the service. Genuinely caring to solve their beauty and grooming problem can not only help them look good but can also change the way they feel.   
  • We are in an industry that revolves around building relationships and making people feel good about themselves. Reach out to your local salon reps and distributors to learn about the best product lines and ever-changing trends to keep you up to date. They also offer retail education and support. Enjoy!


    Rosey Ibarra, is a celebrity stylist, American Board Certified Haircolorist, multiple salon owner, CA realtor, and the CEO/Founder of Social Salon Suites in Glendale, CA. As a salon industry veteran and business entrepreneur for over 28 years, Rosey is a strong advocate and passionate spokesperson on behalf of her peers. Inspired by her own profitable experience as a salon suites business leader, Rosey is dedicated to sharing her path to success to help others through education and advocacy. Her newest entrepreneurial endeavor, The Rosey Ibarra Co., is her direct way of guiding and reaching out to salon owners and stylists to ‘level up’ from business status quo to ‘find their own suite spot of salon owner success’. You can reach Rosey at [email protected].


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