Interview with Kevin Cameron


“Remember, it’s not how many followers you have; it’s really about how many followers you have who are engaged with you – who visit you regularly, buy your products and services, and refer you to their friends.”


Interview with Kevin Cameron

Kevin Cameron is a veteran Pro Beauty advocate, who currently leads the Global Marketing, Education and Business Development initiatives at PIVOT POINT INTERNATIONAL

S:  Kevin, you talk about salons evolving from service brands to beauty media brands; what does that mean?

K:Salons often struggle to optimize their social media and digital marketing, focusing on driving sales instead of driving engagement. When you see a salon’s social media profile, they sometimes appear posturing, presenting imagery and messages that celebrate who they are, what they like, and how they want to convey their business. The specific focus is more about seeking more likes and followers and convincing them to consume more products or services. 

Imagine yourself, your team, or your business as a producer of authentic digital content focused on exposing how you can add value for your desired or existing clients–showing them live what “great looks like.”  


S: How do you do that?

K: Memorable experiences happen in salons/spas and barbershops everywhere. Today, there is such an incredible opportunity to capture these experiences, produce authentic content, and humanize your business’s value-add. Stop sharing generic content and elevate your business to a beauty-focused content producer, capturing everything unique about your team, your expert services, your point of difference, and your professional commitment to new and existing clients. No box color from the “aisles of beauty” or online beauty brand can match what you are capable of delivering. Going “live” from your salon takes you leaps and bounds above your competition. Every live experience can be archived and shared again. 


S: How do salon customers react to that?

K:There is a new movement and thirst for unique and engaging content through social media. At a time when the disruption from COVID-19 has people re-evaluating everything – consumers are foraging like never before, looking for content and connection from brands and people they can trust. 


S: So specifically, how can salons do things differently?

K: Be a content producer, elevate your personal and professional brand into the world of media production. 

You are already connecting with your clients on social media – think about it a bit differently.  Instead of just promoting specials, new products, services, etc., create content that brings your promotional ideas to life, profiling your team’s personalities and strengths.  Show what “great looks like,” share what you and your team are passionate about, share ways you support your community and each other, show your customers looking better and feeling happy, celebrate the good things in life.  Separate yourself apart from the box color crowd and your competition.  Remember, it’s not how many followers you have; it’s really about how many followers you have who are engaged with you – who visit you regularly, buy your products and services, and refer you to their friends.  Show them the passion within the walls of your business and the skills of your team. 


S:  What do you need to get started?

K: The answer is in your hand.  Your cell phone and the internet let you take advantage of word of mouth.  It’s just embracing a mindset that by changing the focus of what you are likely already doing, there is a fantastic opportunity to build stronger bonds and connections exactly when people are looking for these.


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