6 Instagram Influencers Spill Social Media Strategies

Top hair artists share how they make social media work for them, and how it can work for you, too.

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Daniel Mason-Jones, owner of Muse Salon & Spa in Johns Creek, CA

How often do you post?
At least four times a week. You don't want to over-post but do keep your work in front of your audience as to not be forgotten.

What's the most challenging aspect of using Instagram as a marketing tool?
For me, it's remembering to actually take and use the images. My phone currently has over 10,000 photos, many of which I've never shared.

What benefits does Instagram offer that other social platforms lack?
The power of the hashtag can't be beat. It's amazing how many people from different walks of life I can reach using a solid hashtag.

Jaymz Marsters, stylist at Taylor & Co in Norfolk, England

What's the most challenging aspect of using Instagram as a marketing tool?
Gaining real-life clients. A lot of followers may track you to see shots of pretty hair, but only a handful will actually sit in your chair. Be sure to target actual clients with what they want to see—they're the ones paying the bills.

What benefits does Instagram offer that other social platforms lack?
It's straight to the point and everything is visual. Being in a creative industry means we have to grab attention first and explain later. Other sites like Facebook call for more in-depth content, while Instargam's sole purpose is instant images.

Which types of posts get the most engagement?
Sleek, bold colors. Neutral tones don't do well on my page—my audience wants vivid hair. Bottom line: Find your niche and roll with it.


Janine Ker, stylist at Salon Aguayo in Pasadena, CA

How has Instagram boosted your business?
My profile is my portfolio, and with it I've been able to build a client base of professionals primarily in creative fields. It's also provided exposure for great opportunities like this!

What are your top social media tips for stylists?
Take time to define who you are as a creator. What are your personal philosophies and how do they translate to hair? Your Instagram can become an ode to those elements. The most important thing a person can do for his or her social media presence is fall in love with the process of creating their work. The rest is icing on the cake.

What advice do you have for those looking to grow their Instagram following?
Be aware—things have changed. Algorithms have made it harder to grow a page and gain fans. Engage yourself.


Mirella Manelli, owner of Rebel Femme Salon in Mission Viejo, CA

How do you know what your audience wants to see?
Just as the hair industry evolves, so too does social media—but at a faster pace. Pay attention to the analytics provided by social media platforms and especially to what followers engage with most. I also play with outside-the-box ideas, like sharing my pregnancy journey. I had no idea people would care about that! I thought they only followed me for pretty hair and color formulas. Take a chance—the results may surprise you.

How often do you post?
Ideally, twice a day. Frequency is essential when growing a brand, as viewers turn to social media at different times. You can't capture attention by posting sparingly.

Which types of posts get the most engagement?
Hands-down, my updo videos. And the pregnancy shots that made others find me more relatable and "human."


Cash Lawless, freelance celebrity and advertising stylist based in New York and Los Angeles

How has Instagram boosted your business?
It has provided artists with platforms that used to be controlled by agents and agencies. A massive spike of interest in the hairstyling industry has flooded the market with supply and created new jobs—albeit sometimes lower-paying gigs, but the quantities have nevertheless increased.

What sets your Instagram apart?
I use it as a platform to inspire, illustrating that hairstyling is a viable, respectable career that can provide a great lifestyle for those willing to work hard. My page is mainly images of hair, as I believe consistency is important to followers. I don't like to throw a bunch of junk they don't want in their feeds.

What are your top social media tips for stylists?
Be nice and share the love. Follow interesting people, and comment 10 times as often as you think you should. Be social. You have to interact. Don't just open the app to count your likes.


Sadie Curtin, stylist at The Livingroom Salon in Costa Mesa, CA

How often do you post?
Paying attention to audience engagement is essential to gauging frequency and time frames. I find most of my viral posting happens in the morning. I share once or twice daily, while interacting with my stories throughout the day.

What's the most challening aspect of using Instagram as a marketing tool?
It's ever-changing, and staying up-to-date on what consumers want can be time-consuming. I'm not sitting at a desk all day keeping track; I'm doing hair. I try to speak both languages: Share formulas and techniques with fellow hairdressers, then educate clients on descriptions and terms that can achieve better results.

What benefits does Instagram offer that other social platforms lack?
Having a beautifully thought-out feed that showcases work is priceless. Facebook is also a wonderful tool, but the excess of advertising and random posts can be distracting.

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