How to Make an Eye-Catching Display For Your Salon

Product Display

If you’re a salon owner, you know how important the visual appeal of your salon is to your customers-- which is why you’ve likely spent a significant amount of time and money making your salon look its best.

However, there’s more to visual design in your salon than just décor. According to a 2011 research study published by the International Spa Association, about 11-percent of revenue comes from product sales.

Both successful salons and struggling salons can do a lot to boost their overall revenue by making sure their product displays catch the eye of every customer that walks through the door. To create eye-catching product displays like you would see in a professional salon, follow these basic tips. 

Improve Visibility

Customers that can’t visually see your products are not likely to buy them. Even if you have beautiful displays and great products, visibility is the number-one factor that can improve sales.

When thinking about display placement, look for a spot that customers can see as soon as they walk into your salon. If your salon space allows for it, you’ll also want to have a display that’s visible to customers on the way out as well.

Window displays can also be beneficial for your sales-- just make sure that they do not have too much exposure to sunlight as the sun can reduce the quality of the product itself. If you do decide to include a window display, consider using empty containers of products that you are selling.

Keep Your Display Stocked

Keeping your display well-stocked might sound obvious, but in a busy salon, it can be difficult to do. A display that looks picked-over and untidy just isn’t as appealing to most customers.

The concept of scarcity doesn’t really work for the consumer products you will be offering at a salon, therefore, keep your displays fully-stocked without any gaps, even if you have to get an employee to add more product to your shelves and displays several times each day.

Keep Displays Clean

This is another no-brainer that is often overlooked in the salon industry. People touching your displays, fiddling with products and the accumulation of dust and general grime can become a problem if it is not addressed promptly.

The easiest way to keep displays from getting dirty is to clean them like you would everything else in your salon. When it’s time to clean the floor, which you probably do every night, make sure to also clean the displays during that time, even if that only means some light dusting and organizing.

Make Special Product Displays

Making a product of the month or special sale product display might sound a bit cliché, but it really can work, especially if the product you’re selling is actually a high-quality one. Special sales can also entice customers to start buying products from you on a regular basis, instead of going to their local beauty supply shop. 

Group Related Products

Whether you’re selling shampoo and conditioner or toner and moisturizer, it’s important to group related products. A customer that just wants to try out your new shampoo might be tempted to buy ONLY the shampoo if the conditioner isn’t readily accessible. Believe it or not, simple tactics like these actually make customers buy more, which they’ll likely continue buying from you in the future.

Why sell just a bottle of shampoo when you can sell a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and a styling product? A product display that makes finding all the products in a set easy can help you sell more.

The salon industry can be a tough one, especially when many consumers are saving money and spending less on items they feel may not be necessities. After all, the salon business really is a luxury business.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize retail sales to pick up some of that slack. If your business is already booming, eye-catching displays can help you land new customers and keep your faithful regulars coming back. 

- by Marcela De Vivo

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