Men's Hairstyle Trends: The Manbre

ManbreIt's late August and locks are sun-kissed from time spent in the summer sun or at least they look like they were! Even men are enjoying a touch of “Manbre,” the latest men's color trend spotted at Salon V in New York City. Known for their ombre and ecaille color techniques, Salon V's color specialists spawned "Manbre" which is ombre color for men, or ‘hombre’ as they like to call it. Expert colorists at Salon V give men a natural rooty look as if they just spent the summer months in Aruba. "Why should women have all the fun?," says Vernelle Murphy, owner of Salon V. "Men want an option to enhance their color without looking fake. This is a way for them to have fun with their color." Man-bre can range from natural brown to sandy blonde. Dust some Loreal Architecture Matte Wax throughout to enhance that messy beach hair look. If you want a rockstar edge you can even do fun effect colors."

Find Salon V on Instagram: @salonvnyc

[Image courtesy of Vernelle Murphy]

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