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Christina Crook's color-melt creations have us seeing stars.

Christina Crook crafts hand-painted hues we can’t get enough of! e colorist’s ability to capture dimension and contrast in her colors caught the eye of Truss Professional, and now Crook shares her painting tips and tricks worldwide as a brand educator. From platinum blondes to ashy brunettes, we can’t wait to see what buzz-worthy combos she showcases next.

Who: Christina Crook

Number of Followers: 21.5K

Location: The Proper Creative in Orange, California


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Christina Crook shares how to achieve this melted look.

  • Section hair into large, chunky zigzag sections. Then working in diagonal back sections, wave the zigzag sections and tease hair.
  • Using your hands, balayage (mix Truss Professional Air Libre bleaching powder with 8x powder and 20-vol.) each section, overdirecting forward to create a slanted angle. Use the “highs and lows” technique by painting one section higher toward the roots. Paint only the ends for the next section. Make sure everything around the hairlineis a “high.” (Note: I used incubation—wrapping the hair in meche so the product doesn’t dry out.)
  • After combing out the tease, apply a repair mask or treatment shampoo.
  • Towel-dry hair.
  • Starting in the back, apply toner (mid color: 4,0 + 6,3 + 5-vol. 1:2 Davines) two inches past the transition line.
  • Working in sections, spray Truss Professional Deluxe Prime on the ends, and brush each section with a blending brush.
  • Process for five to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse in cold water. (Don’t shampoo.)
  • Towel-dry hair and apply end toner (1oz. Clear + 1⁄4oz. Quartz + 1⁄4oz. 10-vol.; Davines View). Process for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water and apply Truss Professional Net Mask for five minutes.
  • Use Truss Professional K Recovery and Truss Professional Amino to blow-dry hair.
  • Curl hair in the same direction on both sides with a 11⁄4" curling iron, and brush out with Truss Professional Instant Repair.

Inspo: “The inspiration behind the look was a shiny pearl with a soft melted transition,” says Crook. “My guest, Paola, has naturally dark hair and wanted to go lighter, so we cameup with something soft that wouldn’t ‘wash her out,’ while still having fun with blonde.”


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[Images: Courtesy of Christina Crook; Instagram]

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