11 Hair Trends for Fall 2023

Celebrity Hairstylist and International Color Creative Director for evo hair Tom Smith shares what he believes will be Fall 2023's biggest hair trends.
Celebrity Hairstylist and International Color Creative Director for evo hair Tom Smith shares what he believes will be Fall 2023's biggest hair trends.

 As summer’s ‘Barbiecore’ aesthetic is on the decline, the cozy girl look is reentering the chat.

If you are wondering what the latest hair trends for Fall 2023 will be, look no further. Celebrity Hairstylist and International Color Creative Director for evo hair Tom Smith shares his take on what the biggest hair trends will be this fall and how to bring them to life. 

  1. The Boy Bob: A winner haircut for those who have been wanting to make a statement but appreciate the practicality of hair swept away from their face. Cut the length in line with your chin, or the corner of your jaw depending on how bold you want to go. Use the evo shebang-a-bang dry wax spray to add a waxy hold that looks editorial, especially for a more structured look such as seen on Chloe Moretz. 
  2. The Velvet Crop: Florence Pugh recently went from her Oppenheimer Boy Bob to a Velvet Crop for the fall season, and it is iconic. Not only is she rocking the suede head look, but she is using color placement to further enhance it. When growing out a buzzcut, it helps to create highs and lows to allow your hair to get longer in a flattering way, which can be done by tapering the edges. The evo love touch shine spray gives hair of all shades a high shine finish, while sealing the hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss. 
  3. Shadow Bangs: Billie Eilish and Rhianna have taken recently popular face framing pieces and leveled up to eye-skimming shadow bangs. It's interesting that the current growing presence of a full fringe is showing an edgier side of sultry for those who like the face framing nature this style has to offer. This shape works best on deeper tones of hair that’s either naturally (or willing to be styled) sleek. Try adding the evo water killer dry shampoo under your bangs to avoid dreaded separation and oily hair. 
  4. HI-LO Hair: This protective style is already long and statement making but the addition of a half-up, messy bun further increases the visual distance between the shortest and longest parts of the hair, giving a statuesque and confident appearance to the wearer. This style is also great for a wearer who’d like to give the illusion that they are taller. Kerry Washington has been seen wearing this style with long braids. The evo baby got bounce curl treatment can help moisturize and repair hair to improve manageability, support curl patterns and prepare curls for easier styling when looking to create this look. 
  5. The Heir Hair: Jennifer Lawrence recently broke the internet with her extra long ‘heir hair’ appearance in New York City. Extra long and extra thick, this is wealth signaling at its finest but not in a loud or boastful way. The texture falls in soft waves without looking like you’re trying too hard but happens to be in the most perfect condition with a grain of color that is imperceptible. This elongated, naturally voluminous style can work on any color providing it’s not bold or artificial looking but rather healthy and lustrous. This healthy hair can be achieved with the evo great hydrator mask which deeply hydrates and strengthens hair. 
  6. Nepo Blonde: Quite different to the ‘earth blonde’, this tone is energetic and the epitome of ‘blondes have more fun’ which rings true thanks to the attention grabbing glow this shade provides. This high class shade for those born into wealth (or who signal so) showcases a true clarity of blonde. Skipping intense toners and purple shampoo, this blonde is bright and clean and finely woven, creating a blonde canvas that is subtly multi-tonal. Keep the color-treated hair vibrancy locked in with evo’s ritual salvation repairing shampoo
  7. The New Bronde: If you want to tone down a summer of Barbie Blonde, or if your brunette tones have become organically lightened and sunkissed, this shade is for you. As recently seen on Joey King, this hair color is the perfect choice for those who have been bold and blonde for a while and are tempted by a deeper shade. Interestingly, this Bronde leans closer to copper than ever, so it’s also a great choice for those who are attracted to copper tones but nervous a true copper won’t suit them. Neutralize unwanted brassy tones and extend the life of your colored blonde hair with evo’s fabuloso platinum blonde toning shampoo.  
  8. Anti-Barbie: The hype is over. Many of our celeb tastemakers have opted for deeper, glossier and muted tones of late and this more sultry, understated style is the opposite of the loudness that Barbie Blonde offers. A color treatment like the evo fabuloso cool brown one helps refresh the dark color and tone, whilst also adding shine. It's never too late to go from Barbie blonde to the opposite end of the shade spectrum, just look at coffee queen Emma Chamberlain. 
  9. Old Money Piece: The ‘Old Money Piece’ as seen on Cindy Crawford is a quieter and more refined brightening of the face frame that grows out softly and whispers rather than shouts. Less is more here, and ‘old money pieces’ focus on quality, not quantity. Have your colorist add carefully placed highlights that blend seamlessly around your hairline, fading gently into the body of your hair. Use the recently launched evo fabuloso platinum toning mist to focus on blonder pieces to keep them bright and vibrant.  
  10. Candy Copper: It’s no secret that copper hair has truly become a staple shade after spending the last decade being unfairly undesirable, and Jennifer Garner is leading the charge just in time for fall. The natural progression from soft coppers into stronger coppers is then heading into the punchier reds and we are already seeing this clear direction. More acidic tones of candy, rose and cherry can be maintained with the evo fabuloso purple red color boosting treatment and are being incorporated into copper hair for the bolder among us and will grow in popularity throughout autumn and towards the festive season.
  11. Multichrome Hair: Why pick just one? We’re seeing bold pops of bright tones added into otherwise natural looking base colors which are very late 90’s. This effect can be achieved by your colorist adding panels of high contrast, vivid color underneath the surface layer of your hair, and the great thing about this is that it can also be achieved with temporary or ‘clip in’ hair extension pieces which is likely how the celebs are embracing it. Check out evo’s fabuloso collection to best match your pop of color of choice. 
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