Get the Hair from New York Fashion Week: Oribe x Ulla Johnson

Model from Ulla Johnson S/S 2023, hair by Bob Recine
Model from Ulla Johnson S/S 2023, hair by Bob Recine
Photo Credit: Jeb Burroughs

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW), hairstylist Bob Recine styled the models for the Ulla Johnson Spring/Summer 2023 show using Oribe Hair Care.

Recine, a session hairstylist, and designer Ulla Johnson were inspired by the female body and natural hair. 

To create the style, Recine pulled from the fabrics and prints and mimicked their look on the hair of the models. 

Get the Look:

  1. To achieve a heightened natural look, take large sections of hair starting at the nape. 
  2. Apply Curl Shaping Mousse to dry hair, wrapping one- to two-inch sections around your finger to give hair a slight natural wave, movement and texture.
  3. Use a low heat setting to set and dry hair with a blowdryer.
  4. Finger shake hair into shape and apply Oribe Free Styler Working Hairspray for a chunky, clean look that stays in place without being stiff.
  5. To add moisture and light-reflective qualities to fine and medium hair, apply a small amount of Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil or Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray to give it a jewel-like finish.
  6. For coarse or highly textured hair, use Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray with Curl Gelee for Shine & Definition or Silverati Illuminating Pomade for reflective shine.
  7. Set the look with Swept Up Volume Powder Spray for additional volume and Superfine Strong Hair Spray for all-day hold.
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