Get the Look: Kate Hudson's Hair at the Venice Film Festival

Kate Hudson at 2021 Venice Film Festival, hair by Giannandrea
Kate Hudson at 2021 Venice Film Festival, hair by Giannandrea
Courtesy of @giannandreahair

Giannandrea, celebrity hairstylist and creative director of Hair Prescriptives, did Kate Hudson's hair for the 2021 Venice Film Festival. 

Giannandrea is one of the most respected and sought-after editorial and celebrity hairstylists in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. 

He dubbed Hudson's look, "Bohemian Rapsody." This style took loose and effortless-looking waves that cascaded gorgeously past the shoulders to a new level while also framing Hudson's face. Screenshot 2021 09 07 125620Courtesy of @katehudson

Get the Look: 

  1. Wash hair with Hair Prescriptives Stimulating Shampoo and Enriching Conditioner to provide moisture and make it manageable while imparting volume.
  2. After hair is washed and damp, section a middle part on the head and begin to towel-dry the hair while brushing it downward with a wide-tooth comb to prepare for styling.
  3. Start blow-drying the hair with a large round brush in large sections to create an ample blowout—beginning from the nape area and moving to the top.
  4. Take a 1½-inch round Marcel iron, starting from the crown area, and do mid-section waves with the iron. All the sections should be one-inch in size, and work in long, flat and round techniques around the iron for alternating patterns to make hair more natural-looking.
  5. After waving each section, stretch the sections to let the long length of the hair relax in a downward wave. Tip: Make sure to use the face as your guide as the waves should fall accordingly to the face shape, using the cheekbones as a guideline for how the front part should flow.
  6. Once the whole head is waved, take a dime-size amount of Hair Prescriptives Daily Nourishing Styling Cream and run it only from mid-length to ends with your fingers. Tip: Use only your fingersno tools, combs or brushes—for this part.
  7. Take a small amount of Hair Prescriptives Glamorous Glossing Serum in your hands and run it only through the ends of the hair for added shine.

"This style is all about a modern bohemian vibe. The top part of the hair is to remain dry while the mid-lengths to ends showcase a more semi-moist texture using the HPx gloss to finish," says Giannandrea. "Calibrating this part is essential to the overall result of this contemporary red-carpet look."

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