Deconstructed: Mike Sharkey, Director of Global Education, Revlon Professional

Mike Sharkey Hair

Motorcyclists have long been painted as rebellious, freedom seeking and full of swagger— perhaps none more so than the Harley-Davidson rider. However, just because bikers ride to the beat of their own engines doesn’t mean they have to do it looking unkempt. Earlier this year, American Crew partnered with the iconic motorcycle brand to celebrate self-expression and rugged flair, but with a hint of American Crew style. In this look, created and photographed by American Crew founder David Raccuglia (himself a Harley owner), the hair is a little longer, a little more windswept, but still styled—ditto for the beard. To create the look, hair was first washed with American Crew Daily Shampoo. After it was dried, Tech Series Boost Spray was applied at the front scalp for volume with a matte finish. Next, a liberal amount of Fiber Cream was spread from scalp to ends so it could be sculpted with a wide-tooth comb. For the facial scruff, a pump of American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser was worked into the beard, starting at the most dense area, and allowed to dry. Whiskers were then tamed and conditioned with a small dollop of Beard Balm, proving that even easy riders look better when they’re a bit groomed.

American Crew Motorcycle


[Image: American Crew]

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