How to Get Opulent Brown Hair by Goldwell Team Member Nick Pagano

Opulent Brown Hair

This look, called “Opulent Brown” by Goldwell regional artistic team member Nick Pagano, conveys a feel that’s both vintage and luxurious.

Accent Formulas: 

Aubergine​ - 40ml. Colorance lotion + 10ml. 5NA + 10ml. 3VV

​Pink Plum - 30ml. BR@6 +10ml. RV@all + 7ml. Pk@all

Midnight Ivy - 30ml. Tqall + 20ml. NA@2

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  1. Begin at the temples and separate hair using a zigzag technique. Start on the left side of the temple and zigzag to just below the crown of the head and isolate. Repeat on the right side.
  2. Using the zigzag technique, start at the top of the left ear and move to just below the occipital bone, stopping in the center and isolating the section. Proceed with the same technique on the right side.
  3. Start with 40ml. Topchic 3% (10-vol.) lotion +30ml. 4BP +10ml. 2A in the top section. Then, moving toward the center portion, apply 40ml. Colorance lotion + 15ml. 6SB + 5ml. P-Mix. Next, repeat 40ml. Topchic 3% (10-vol.) lotion +30ml. 4BP +10ml. 2A in the bottom section. Observe processing time. Shampoo with Elumen Wash and towel dry. Apply Elumen Prepare.
  4. Finish the look by styling the hair. Then apply accent pieces. The hidden details are for the stylist to decide where theplacement should live.
  5. Observe processing time. Shampoo twice with Elumen Wash and thoroughly towel-dry. Apply Elumen Lock for ve minutes. Rinse well and condition with Elumen Treat.


[Image: Courtesy of Goldwell]

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