Styling Shaggy Hair with JPMS Educator Angelina Panelli

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair is a natural fit for a wide range of men because the style works with just about any texture and almost any length. Shags are generally easy to maintain, and in these casual times, the look pretty much fits into any social setting, from an afternoon at the beach to an evening soiree. The good news for guys: “Deliberately messy” is in!

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Styled to look unstyled, this windblown shag (pictured) is a favored choice among the young and young at heart, especially those guys with a wealth of locks. John Paul Mitchell Systems educator Angelina Panelli created this look by misting clean hair with Paul Mitchell Spray Wax to “add some grittiness,” then lent extra texture with Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth “to blend a mixture of smooth and wavy.” The final touch came courtesy of Tea Tree Shaping Cream. “I use it to polish the hair in an unpolished manner to go along with the tousled vibe,” Panelli explains.

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What else can we expect to see in men’s grooming this season? A little bit of everything, says Panelli. “Many men who used to have one standard style to their haircut now have more options to enhance their look, simply by choosing a more versatile haircut,” she explains. “As we often say at Paul Mitchell, ‘options equal happiness.’” 

[Image: Courtesy of John Paul Mitchell]

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