Runway Report: Whimsical Top Knots at Matt Sarafa

Top Knot Matt Sarfat

Gorgeous, beachy, bohemian, samurai-like top knots made a splash at Matt Sarafa where Keune lead stylist Shannon King looked to the collection for his NYFW inspiration. “The fashion is so playful so we wanted to keep it really loose,” he explains. “The idea of the [design] is what someone would do with their hair if they had that same kind of gear on.” To get the au natural look, for models that need a little extra oomph in texture, King crafts soft curls with Ergo’s Flat & Smoothing Iron. “We don’t want strong curls because that would be going too far with [the design],” he says. King next uses Keune’s Blend line around the edges for lazy, lived-in shine and then loosely pulls the top section of the models’ tresses into a knot and secures it at the top of the head. “We’re pulling it through so it stays more erect at the top of the head,” he explains. He finishes the look by back brushing the hair with his fingers and spritzing locks with Keune Design Society Hairspray Extra Forte. “It’s very easy to do and quick,” says King of his design, which he also touts as “Brooklyn Street.”

[Image courtesy of Molly Church]


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