Runway Report: Slicked Braids at Ulla Johnson

Ulla1At Ulla Johnson, all facets of the beauty take inspiration from the collection. For the hair design, Bumble and Bumble lead stylist Holli Smith crafted a gorgeous tight, slicked ponytail braid with dry texture on the top of the head and wisps set intentionally to fall around the face. “The clothing is very bohemian with natural textiles, knits, angora and plaids so by eliminating the hair in a way where it's small but still has some detail in it, it really brings out the clothes,” she says. To get the look, Smith first saturated the models’ locks with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, brushed it into a tight ponytail and secured it with a hook elastic. “Once the hair is in place you take the hook elastic off and give it a quick brush because everything is laying in a perfect way,” she explains. She next pulls tresses back and fastens them with a standard elastic, spritzes the ponytail with a mixture of water and Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine, crafts the braid, dries and brushes out a bit of product from the top of the head, and then saturates the under- and backsides with Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray. “It gives you a shiny wet feeling in the back with a really dry front,” she explains. To complete the look and add volume, Smith pushes the crown forward while holding the models’ heads with her hands. “You can't do this before you put the ponytail in because when you tie something like this it winds up getting saggy and the volume is gone so you have to pull it out [after].”

For the simple yet striking nail design, Smith & Cult lead artist Jessica Tong painted tips with a layer of Smith & Cult in Ghost Edit and then accented them at the cuticle line with shimmery gold glitter Smith & Cult in Shattered Souls. “Her collection is very young, fresh and pretty so we wanted to do something that had the same feeling but didn’t want [the design] to compete with the other elements of the show,” she says. “This look falls in line uniformly with everything else. It has the same hint of luxury and femininity.” 

Tata Harper key Romy Soleimani opted for a clean and minimal look for her makeup design, enhancing some models’ eyes while focusing in on the lip on others. Think: Olive green eyeliner, rusty stained lips and matte skin. “The girls each have their own vibe, character and personality,” explains Soleimani, who notes she took inspiration from the dry foliage found on the designer’s mood board. “It was really about simple elements so I wanted the girls to be more womanly and not so natural, glowy and earthy which you would normally associate with a line like Ulla.” 

[Images courtesy of Molly Church]


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