Get the Look: Jessica Biel’s Urban Boho Chic Style at the Critics’ Choice Awards

Image: Getty Images/David LivingstonCelebrity stylist Giannandrea recently created a stunning style for Jessica Biel at last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards. The look, dubbed “urban boho chic” by Giannandrea, had a soft, 70s vibe that still had a modern, trendy feel.

“I felt that Jessica had a singular moment on her own on the carpet,” says Giannandrea, and we couldn’t agree more. The look was stunning and, best of all, easy to recreate with Giannandrea’s how-to, below!

Get the Look:

  1. “I started with clean wet hair and applied Macadamia Professional volumizing mousse throughout, from roots to ends,” says Giannandrea. “I then used a wide tooth comb and combed the hair at the roots slightly forward.
  2. “I used a diffuser on my Aria Beauty infrared blow dryer and dried the hair all the way, just with a warm flow of air, gently and slowly as the roots must stay in the forward direction.
  3. “I used a round mid-size brush to round up the bangs with a forward and low motion plus low heat.
  4. “After the hair was 100% dry, I took small sections near the bangs and the sides and, using the Aria Beauty Infrared Flat Iron, used one of my advanced techniques to gently create half flat and half round waves, working in a downward motion only at the front part around the face. Do not overdo this part as the hair has to maintain its softness and look effortless.
  5. “Only the front and just the sides — not the side/back and back at all, but just around the face — the ends were iron-straight.
  6. “Use a dab of smoothing oil and run it in the hair with your hands only.  
  7. “Finish with a dry hold spray on the bangs and top only… the ‘sealing cloud,’ as I call it!”
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