Interview: Victoria’s Secret Colorist Shah Karegar on that Famous Angel Hair


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has become synonymous with lingerie, leggy babes, glowing skin and glossy, artfully tousled hair. The iconic Victoria’s Secret Angel waves wouldn’t be complete without the perfect color to complement them. That’s where celebrity colorist Shah Karegar comes in.

Karegar recently went backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris to help Angels Irina Shayk and Barbara Fialho achieve their flawless color before they took to the runway. His secret weapon? Uberliss’ Bond Treatment, a color, lightener, gloss and toner additive that helps keep hair significantly stronger during processing. Because, as any Angel knows, the most beautiful hair is healthy hair.

Below, Karegar shares how he achieved both Irina and Barbara’s runway-ready looks, plus how to keep hair healthy on the go and his favorite looks to create.

Tell us a little about yourself; who are some of your biggest clients, where are you located, any fun facts about yourself as a hair colorist:
I am located in West Hollywood at Salon Benjamin. I love to challenge myself and push my clients to try something different all the time. I care about my clients’ hair and the its integrity. If I know the hair is not strong enough for certain colors, I will not do it. Less is always more. What I love to do most are [big] projects and makeovers so that my work can make a statement.

[Some of my celebrity clientele includes] Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Irina Shayk, Shay Mitchell, etc.

How did you use the Uberliss Bond Treatment on Irina Shayk?
Irina is an all natural beauty. Less is always more with her. I don't use any permanent colors on her hair; she loves rocking that all natural look. However, I decided to run some lowlights using all vegetable colors and the Uberliss Bond Treatment to give her that striking brunette look by adding dark dimension for the Victoria’s Secret Show.

I mixed my vegetable color to my consistency, then added 1/8 oz. of the Uberliss Bond Regenerator into the gloss and left it on for 15 minutes. Then, I used a clear shine followed by the Uberliss Bond Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Amplifier for 20 minutes, leaving her hair shiny, strong and very durable.

How did you use the Uberliss Bond Treatment on Barbara Fialho?
Barbara Fialho, The Brazilian Goddess has been rocking the natural brunette look for many years during her modeling career, but this year I wanted to do something different and striking for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris. I wanted the color to make a statement, therefore I decided to balayage her and blonde her up without damaging her hair and still keep it shiny and strong by adding the Uberliss Bond Treatment to my color process.  

Barbara works and travels a lot; sometimes her hair can get really dry from all the styling, not to mention the water changes in different countries. Therefore, I try not to process her hair even more with color and highlights. What I love about the Uberliss Bond Treatment is that it allows me to take her color to the next level without damaging the hair. The way I used the treatment was I mixed my lightener to my regular consistency, then I added 1/8 oz. of the Uberliss Bond Regenerator into my lightener. I hand painted the lightener on all the specific areas that I wanted to lighten up, then I used heat for about 10 minutes. I followed up with the Uberliss Bond Shampoo and then used the Uberliss Bond Amplifier. I left the Amplifier on for 20 minutes. What I love about the Uberliss Bond Amplifier is that it leaves the hair looking like it's never been lightened before.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, hair-wise? How important is healthy, shiny hair for these girls?
I think a lot of the supermodels work and travel a lot and it's very important not to over-process their hair with color and lightener due to all the styling and traveling they do. What I love about the Uberliss Bond Treatment is that it allows you to play with color a little bit more than usual. But one of my favorite products has to be the Uberliss Bond Amplifier; it retains the hair’s strength and integrity during color processes and lighteners. And I always make them leave with the Uberliss Bond Sustainer so they can reapply at home at least twice a week.
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