Get the Look: Justin Timberlake's Classic Coif

Image: Getty Images/Kevin Winter

For last night's 2016 ESPY Awards, celebrity hairstylist Christine Nelli created a classically cool look for Justin Timberlake. Shorter sides with more length on top keep the look timeless, while subtle texture and sleekness update Justin's style. Recreate this look for all your male clients with Nelli's how-to, below!

Get the Look:

  1. "I started by spraying Justin’s wet hair with Matrix StyleLink Mineral Rough Me Up Sea Salt Spray to prep his hair with just enough texture to properly style it," says Nelli.
  2. "Then, I used a comb to part his hair to the side and create a slick side part before blow-drying it.
  3. "Next, I used a flat brush to blow-dry the hair over, making sure that the look stayed sleek.
  4. "Then, I mixed the Matrix StyleLink Mineral Grip Definer with a couple of drops of Matrix StyleLink Mineral Booster for some lightweight texture for the look.
  5. "After the hair was completely dry, I ran through his hair with my hands to shape it.
  6. "For a final touch, I sprayed the hair with Matrix StyleLink Mineral Playback Dry Shampoo to make sure that his hair looked fresh but had enough texture to stay put all night long!"
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