Texturized Men's Hairstyles at Songzio Paris

2016 01 23 Songzio Fw16 0155

Stylist Jack Thirlway, VIP Session Stylist at Nevill Hair and Beauty Salon, wanted to compliment the Lucian Freud inspired muted palettes and  distorted, surrealist views of the human form seen throughout the Songzio collection with a texturized hair look.

2016 01 23 Songzio Fw16 0211

How the look was achieved:

1. Find the best sitting side parting and spritz hair with water before vent brushing across from parting to give hair direction.

2. Use a large amount of UNITE CONUNDRUM paste mixed with a small amount of UNITE SMOOTH&SHINE cream. This will give the hair the necessary hold with a high shine finish.

3. Move hair around with hands whilst using gentle heat from blow dryer, using clips to secure definition in the hair, then diffuse dry.

4. Finished with UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing spray to enrich shine.

UNITE Toolkit:

UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing Spray
Hair clips


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