Get the Look: The Chic Angled Bob by Donald Scott

After Image: Donald Scott NYC

Contouring isn't just for makeup! Hairstylist Donald Scott recently demonstrated how easy it can be to reveal your client's best facial features with a flattering cut. Using precise razor tools and the same basic principles as makeup contouring, you can help your client accentuate their favorite features for a gorgeous final result. Below, Scott share his how-to for creating this chic angled bob hairstyle.

Before Image: Donald Scott NYC

Get the Look:

  1. PREP: Prepare the hair for razor cutting with a smoothing mist. Then with the DSNYC Chop Stik Pro, section out the crown of the hair to leave length in the front. This tool is great for sectioning as the tip is tapered for precision.
  2. CUT: Cut diagonal back sections to carve out the length on the sides, leaving the hair soft and feminine. Cut another diagonal section forward making your way to the nape. Switch over to the DSNYC Swivel Twist Razor to take out the weight located at occipital bone to crown. This is give less stress on the wrists while carving out shapes.
  3. BLENDING:  Blend the front, back and sides using a wide tooth comb and scissors.
  4. FINISH: Cut down the sectioned off length in the front and carve a shape into the front using the Chop Stik Pro leaving the front disconnected from the sides/back. Finish the look with a shine spray and add in detail as necessary when dry.

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