Hair Color How To: Wild Magenta Orchid by Lindsey DeMith

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Lindsey DeMith created this beautiful wild magenta orchid color for a regular client who frequently changes her hair color. Lindsey explains step-by-step how she created the look:

1. For this color, I started with Malibu DDL with 20 volume to remove her previous teal at the root area that melted into wild orchid and violet.

2. Once I was able to lift that out, I lightened the base with Keune Cream Bleach and 30 volume and balayaged some pieces throughout to diffuse the line of demarcation at the regrowth. I lifted her to a level 9.

3. After I rinsed her lightener off, I shampooed with Malibu Un-Do-Goo and applied Malibu Crystal Gel to stop the oxidation of lightener. I have found that when I don't use the crystal gel it can leave the Pravana that I place over the top hollow in places so I now always do this step after the lightener and before the Pravana.

4. I used Pravana Wild Orchid and Magenta at the root area and pulled some random pieces throughout to the ends. I always use a wide tooth comb to really comb through the base color to further diffuse the line. On the rest I melted throughout Pravana wild orchid. It created a beautiful haute root of a brighter pink color and then gradually melted to a darker wild orchid/Violet on the ends. She has strong healthy hair that is soooo shiny!

Tip: Take really thin slices and thoroughly saturate to make sure that it covers well and isn't spotty.



[Images courtesy of Lindsey DeMith]

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