Miami Swim Week: Half-Up Hairstyles at Frankie's Bikinis


Designer Franchesca of Frankie’s Bikinis found inspiration for her recent collection from her hometown on Malibu. The hair, created by a team from BLO Blow Dry Bar Brickell, was designed to complement the looks with fun and flirty beach hair, perfect for day or night, featuring a topknot, beachy waves and peek through braids.

Get the Look:
1. Spray dry hair with UNITE BEACH Day throughout and blow dry for texture.

2. Sprinkle UNITE EXPANDA Dust on roots and massage into the scalp for instant lift, volume and added texture.

3. Take the top section and secure into a high ponytail with a clear elastic.

4. Wrap the pony into a top knot and pin into place.

5. Prep the bottom section with a light mist of UNITE MAX-CONTROL Hairspray and curl sections into loose waves.

6. Sprinkle EXPANDA Dust into the waves and shake out for textured beachy waves.

7. Pull out a few small sections on either side to create a mini-braid.

8. While holding the base of the braid slide the body of the braid up for a unique, textured braid placement.

9. Mist the entire look with UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing for overall shine and humidity protection.

[Images courtesy of Pickle PR]


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