Miami Swim Week: Slicked-Back Styles at CFDA


The finale of the CFDA Swim Collection show was intended to have groups of girls with the same outfit on, creating an army of girls. This inspired the militant, slicked-back, shiny, glossy hair with the sides held extra tight. Get the how-to from lead stylist Riley McLachlan, below:

Get the Look:
1. Apply a liberal amount of UNITE ELEVATE Mousse directly onto to the UNITE DETANGLER Brush and brush the mousse through the hair, roots to ends.

2. Blow-dry using a 9ROW Denman Brush to keep the hair laying as flat and smooth and possible.

3. Throughout the top and sides of the hair, ELEVATE and SESSION MAX Hairspray were applied to give extreme hold to the hair in the slicked back style.

4. Use bobby pins to hold the sides tightly to the scalp.

5. Mist UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing throughout, especially the top and sides for the extra glossy shine and overall humidity protection.

[Images courtesy of Pickle PR]

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