Miami Swim Week: Flower-Adorned 'Dos at San Lorenzo


The inspiration behind the 2016 San Lorenzo swim collection was “MIND, BALI, SOUL,” so the BLO Blow Dry Bar-Brickell team, led by Chanel Peraza-Munoz, created three different deconstructed looks enhanced with flowers for a relaxed, island feeling. Based on the models' hair and what they would be wearing, they were styled with either a wrapped fishtail braid, a deconstructed top-knot or a loose, textured French braid.

Get the Look: Wrapped Fishtail Braid (see above)
1. Prep hair with UNITE TEXTURIZA throughout and UNITE EXPANDA Dust on roots for overall volume and texture.

2. Create a lose section and start with a section on the nape of the opposite side on where the braid will end. Continue braiding until complete.

3. Sprinkle UNITE EXPANDA Dust on the braid and then gently pull at braid to slightly loosen.

4. Mist UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing for an overall shine and to protect against the humidity of Miami.

5. Apply flowers into hair down the braid as needed.

Get the Look: Deconstructed Top Knot
1. Mist UNITE TEXTURIZA throughout hair for volume and texture.
2. Slightly back-comb through hair.

3. Pull hair into a high pony and secure with elastic.

4. Wrap hair into a look bun-like top knot and secure with bobby pins.

5. Secure the hold with a mist of UNITE SESSION-MAX Hairspray.

6. Apply a final mist of UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing for an overall shine.

7. Secure flowers using bobby pins along the side of the top knot.

Get the Look: Textured French Braid (right)
1. Prep hair with UNITE BEACH DAY and UNITE TEXTURIZA into dry hair.

2. Start at the crown and create a very loose french braid for a relaxed feel.

3. Mist UNITE SESSION-MAX Hairspray for an extra-strong hold.

4. Place flowers as needed cascading down the braid.

[All images courtesy of Pickle PR]

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