Web Exclusive: Wash Less, Style More


“What if someone told you by using the right products you would only have to wash your hair once every 5 days and have 5 great styles with minimal work? As stylists we do this all the time, but with our guests now conserving water, having hectic schedules and updos being on trend, clients are more ready than ever to get creative with washing and styling,” says Jennifer Dorsey, stylist at Aurelio Salon (Howell and Toms River, NJ). Check out Jennifer's tips below for 5, wash-free days of styling, and pass them on to your clients!

Day 1: Low, Messy Bun
For one-day-old hair, only a slight touch-up is typically needed. Try KMS HAIR PLAY Makeover Spray to absorb oil and refresh limp hair while still creating the texture needed to style. Using a wand, wave the top part of the hair, twist, and pin hair in a low, messy bun.

Day 2: High Ponytail
Add grip to hair with KMS HAIR PLAY Messing Crème. Work a dime size amount into hands and pull back hair to get control of the fly-a-ways, then put it in a high ponytail, wrapping a small section around the elastic and use bobby pins to secure. KMS HAIR PLAY Playable Texture re-works the style and builds texture each time it’s used. When using Playable Texture, lift up each section and spray from inside to create a textured look.

Day 3: Romantic Updo
Apply KMS FREE SHAPE 2-in-1 Styling + Finishing Spray and pin hair back into half-up-half-down 'do, teasing underneath to achieve some volume. Take the rest of the hair and twist it, roll it into a messy low bun and secure it with bobby pins. Finish with KMS HAIR STAY Medium Hold Spray for added shine to dry hair and as a heat protectant.

Day 4: Braid It Up
On day 4, opt for a pretty, braided look. Get creative with classic braids, French braids, fishtail braids, twists, and up-styles. Apply a little KMS HAIR PLAY Makeover Spray only on the root and down the mid-shaft to absorb any access oils and build-up. Then, finish with KMS HAIR PLAY Dry Touch-Up for added shine.

Day 5: Fishtail Updo
A fishtail braid updo is the perfect style for day 5 hair. Use a pea-size amount of KMS HAIR PLAY Design Wax to rework hair and help create the desired style. Using bobby pins, twist the braid into an updo style and pin to secure. For a finishing touch, spray with the KMS HAIR STAY Dry Extreme Hairspray for extra hold.

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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