Get the Look: The Brit Crop Top by Karen Andrea


According to Karen Andrea, stylist at Di Rosa Haircare, women are not the only ones saying goodbye to longer locks this summer. Men are turning to clipper cuts to stay cool, especially the "Brit Crop Top," one of the most in-demand looks of the season. “The spiky front is what sets this style apart," says Karen. "Dry hair first with a vent brush or fingers for a more controlled finish and then use a dime size of product while roughing the hair up towards the front hairline.” While the look works great for men with thick or thin hair, it's especially ideal for making thin hair look thicker.

Get the Look:
1. Section hair in a horseshoe section keeping it away from the rest of the hair using the Babyliss Pro Volare Ferrari hair clipper.

2. Using a #5 guard, buzz in vertical strokes making sure not to pass the horse shoe section and always work against the grain to achieve an even cut.

3. Switching to a #3 guard, start your initial guideline from the nape to the temple and then blend and go back to erase any uneven lines with a #4 guard.

4. Working in the horseshoe section, trim hair with scissors using a scissor over comb method to blend top section.

5. Shape and clean up side burns and neckline.

6. Style with KMS California HAIR PLAY Messing Creme.

For more from Karen, follow her on Instagram @hairbykarenandrea.

[Images courtesy of Glow Communications]

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