Watch! Create Colossal Curls


Using NEVO styling products, PRAVANA guest stylist Artak Mkrtchyan creates colossal curls in this how-to styling video so you can help clients achieve their dreams of big, beautiful curls:

In the video, Artak uses the following: Full Volume Volumizing Foam’s weightless formula provides maximum volume with zero alcohol or VOC’s. It plumps individual hair strands thanks to cottonseed proteins. Invisible Control Manipulator Mist is a heat-activated spray that also acts as a thermal protectant. It provides control and support while still leaving hair workable, and is great for achieving curls thanks to its memory capabilities. The style holds with Super Shape Hair Spray. It builds control and holds from the inside out, defending hair against humidity all while adhering to the strictest environmental regulations.

[Video courtesy of Pravana]

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