Holiday Hair How To: An Elegant, Gatsby-Inspired Faux Bob by Joico

The sixth and final look in the Joico Holiday Hairstyle video tutorial series is all about New Year’s Eve, for which Joico’s Glam Hair Expert Katie Bilovol created an elegant Gatsby-style faux bob. The easy step-by-step cleverly tucks, twists, and braids hair into something that’s short on time, but long on style. The stylish secret: by combining three simple techniques, you’re creating a look that feels elegant and elaborate, perfect for your client's New Year's Eve plans. TV Fashion pro Sydne Summer completed the 1920s hairstyle with a velvet shift dress to add a modern touch and some art deco jewelry!
Get the Look:

Prep: Set hair by combing Power Whip Whipped Foam through it while wet. Blow dry the hair, then curl the hair with a large 1-inch barrel curling iron, spraying each section with Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray. Pin hair up until hair has cooled, then pull out the pins and brush the hair out. Create a deep side part.

Step 1: Part the hair behind the ear on both sides. Gathering the back section, hold the ends of the hair together then use a brush to gently back comb from the bottom up. Use a clear elastic to tie down this section at the bottom two inches of the hair.

Step 2: To create the faux finger waves, take the heavy side of the parting. Placing your hand in the middle of the section, create a ridge with your comb. Pin the ridge with a hair clip, creating an “S” pattern.

Step 3: Take a one-inch wide piece of the hair at the temple area underneath the finger wave. Repeat on the other side. Pull the sections to the back of the head to meet in the middle, fastening with a small clear hair tie.

Step 4: Taking the back section, roll it up into the nape of the neck, and tuck it into the other clear hair tie. Fasten the roll with bobby pins.

Step 5: Place the Gatsby-inspired hair accessory on the head. Take the finger wave pins out after placing the accessory.

Step 6: Take the remaining hair of one of the side sections and start braiding it back towards the roll. Tuck the braid crisscross into the back.  Repeat on the opposite side, tucking into the back while reinforcing the braids with bobby pins if needed. Finish off with Power Spray.   

Styling Tips: The hair may be pure 1920s, but the fashion signals 2014 with a modern, velvet shift dress that keeps sexy details, like a sheer lace panel, to an elegant minimum. Playing off the Gatsby vibe, Art Deco necklace, blinged-out bracelets and a cocktail ring will bring in the New Year.
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[Images courtesy of Joico]

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