Hairstyles How-To: Triangle Shape by Z.One Concepts

Learn how to re-create this beautiful Triangle Shape hair color look with our simple step-by-step guide. Click through to see the steps. [pagebreak]

(Hair before the treatment)

The following are two formulas required to perform this technique:

1. Formula#1 NO INHIBITON Multi-Color 7.31 and a 40 volume developer
2. Formula#2 NO INHIBITON Multi-Color 7.1 and a 40 volume developer

This model’s natural hair color is a level 5.

Step 1:
Begin by tracing a line that separates the inner crown area from the rest of the hair.


Step 2:
Next, trace a separation from ear to ear, sectioning off the deepest area. [pagebreak]

Step 3:
In the occipital movement area create a triangle with its point facing upward.


Step 4:
Next, remaining within the movement area, create 2 triangles that point upwards on each side of the head.


Step 5:
Make a horizontal separation above the base of the first triangle to be colored. [pagebreak]

Step 6-7:
Apply a Contact paper (found at any hardware store) on the strand that was sectioned off and select the hair that is to be colored.  The hair will stick to the contact paper once you lift it up from underneath.


Step 8:
Fully apply Formula #1 over the ends of the hair that has stuck to the Bright Sticker, and blend over the mid-lengths. [pagebreak]

Step 9
Fold over the contact paper and repeat the procedure up to the highest point of the triangle.


Step 10-11:
Repeat the same procedure over the 5 triangles that were previously sectioned off alternating Formulas 1 and 2 in each Triangle. Make sure the front two triangles have the same color formula.

Technique performed by Simona.
Technical description by David Gulino, Creative Education Director Z.One USA

[Images courtesy of Z.One Concepts]

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