Hair Styles How To: COLOR Makeover: Cotton Candy by Ale Bonilla

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Artist: Ale Bonilla  |  Salon:  Esoterica Studios, Inc.  |  Photography:  Tom Carson


Step 1:  Pre-lighten hair with 20-volume developer. 

Step 2:   Part a square section at the top of the head.

Split it diagonally on the natural fall.

Step 3: Color sections A, B and C.
A) Starting at the base, use ½-inch sections with the lightest ash blonde and 20-volume developer.
B) For the mid-shaft, use golden light blonde and 20-volume developer.
C) On the ends, use pastel pink and 20-volume developer. Work up to the part in ½-inch segments.

Step 4:  Utilize the corner of the brush to feather the colors together where they meet.

Step 5:  Repeat on the opposite side. 

Step 6: Finish the foil pattern.

Process for 15 minutes.

Step 7:  Dry the hair and then straighten with a flat iron.

Use a shine enhancing product for added sheen and heat protection.

Final Photo:


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