Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Monica by Diadema

Create a professional and sexy short look in this hair style how to!

Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Makeup: Cristina Marzo per 20100 Milano
Photography: Stefano Bidini

Step 1:   Comb and flip the hairline up from the scalp, then point cut from underneath.

Step 2: Using the same technique along the right side, lengthening to 2 centimeters below the earlobe

Step 3: Blunt cut along the left side at 1 centimeter below the earlobe.

Step 4:  Comb the fringe forward. Using the left side for reference, turn the ends up and point cut to thin.

Step 5:  Make a part 1 centimeter to the left of the center, going from the forehead to the nape.

Step 6:  Pull hair up on the left side in a verticle section and blunt cut from the perimeter.

Continue to the division in the back.

Step 7:  Next, pull the fringe area up and forward from the end of the right eyebrow to the crown, and point cut.

Step 8:  Using the same section, overdirect backwards, past the crown, and point cut again.

Step 9:   Take the right section and blunt cut to lengthen.

Step 10:  Continue to the front with the same technique.


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