Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Victoria by Diadema

Shot Hair Makeover

Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Makeup: Cristina Marzo per 20100 Milano
Photography: Stefano Bidini


Step 1:  Divide the hair from temple to temple and two fingers below the crown.

Step 2:  Rough cut the entire lower area with scissors over comb.

Step 3: Repeat on the sides.

Step 4:  In the back, comb hair down naturally and cut with a razor to the height of the occipital bone.

Randomly pick sections and make some long and some short.

Step 5:  Use the same method on the sides.

Step 6:  For the fringe area, create a classic triangle.

Cut with a razor halfway down the nose.

Step 7:  On the top, cut the hair perpendicularly to thin up to the crown.

Step 8:   Layer vertically to thin.

Final Photos:


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