Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Sandra by Diadema

65082 Q Sandrine 1 031 Dim

Hair: Diadema

Makeup: 20100 Milano

Photographer: Stefano Bidini


Step 1:  Hairline: Make a V at the nape area and cut halfway up to the ear.

Step 2:  Lighten hair texture up to the occipital bone by cutting with scissor tips on the comb.

Step 3:  Point cut front sides, from mid ear to the mouth.

Step 4:  Fringe: Divide hair from ear to ear and create a triangle from top area down to eyebrow.

Point cut from the nose tip to the eyebrow.

Step 5:  Face contour: Blend freehand from eyebrow to the end of the section with deep V cuts on both sides.

Step 6:  Front top: Make a 2 cm. rectangle on top.

Point cut the ends, keeping the front as a guide.

Step 7:  Layers: Create a rectangle on the top.

Step 8:  Make three sections in the front area diagonal to the right.

In the first, point cut to shorten.

Step 9:   In the second, project forward for a lengthening cut and point cut.

Step 10:  In the third, point cut perpendicularly, with a slight projection on the sides.

Step 11:  Layer and graduations: In two sections on both sides, shorten by cutting in an upward motion and slightly diagonal.

Step 12:  Back layer: Create a triangle section from two fingers below the apex and point cut to create a V.

Step 13:  Point cut ends holding hair 90° from the head.

Step 14:  Personalize: Lighten with thinning shears in the upper diagonal areas.

Step 15:  Make twists around the perimeter and lighten with thinning shears.

Final Photos


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