Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Melanie by Diadema

65079 M Melanie 1 003 Dim

Hair: Diadema
Art director: Fabio Messina
Makeup:   20100 Milano
Extension: Zeropiù
Photographer: Stefano Bidini

Step 1:  Comb hair straight down and cut at the hairline about 1 inch about the curve of the shoulder.

Cut the sides the same to match.

Step 2:  Fringe/top: Create a triangle parting in the top section.

Comb into a natural fall and point cut to desired length (just above the chin).

Step 3:  Side Blending: On the left side only, blend by projecting the hair slightly forward and slide cut with shears.

Step 4:  Layer: Isolate the triangle parting you took of the fringe/top area.

Make a separate section on top and crown area.

This will be the area to layer.

Step 5:  Project the hair towards the apex, lifting it vertically and twist hair 180°, then cut and blend keeping the left parting of the triangle as a guide.

Step 6:  Slide cut the back and side sections to complete graduations.

Starting from the left and repeating on the right.

Step 7:  Point cut to desired length by bending ends of the hair back toward the opposite parting.

Step 8:  Isolate the crown area. Make three 4 cm. wide horizontal sections in the back.

Step 9:  In the top area layer by making horizontal sections about 4 cm. wide and lifting them vertically and point cut with shears.

Step 10:  Personalizing: Make a triangle on top and divide it into three sections.

Step 11: Pull section out and use razor to cut layers in aprox.  ¾ inch off each section.

Apply black colour hair extensions at occipital area to add dimension.

Final Photos



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