Hair Styles! HOW TO: Bridal Makeover: Melissa by Diadema

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Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion

Photography: Stephano Bidini

Makeup: 20100 Milano


Step 1.  Make a part on the left, then part across the top of the head slightly oblique from ear to ear.

Gather the back section.

Step 2:  Comb and smooth the sides  well and make them stay by going down to the nape and pinning the right section to the left and vice versa.

Step 3:  Comb and smooth the top section and pin across the occipital area by criss crossing your pins.

Step 4: Create soft flat curls that give volume.

Tuck the ends of your pin curls inside each curl and pin into place.

Step 5:  Leave some strands free to personalize your style.

Final Photos:


Step 1:  Make a diagonal parting down to midway of the eyebrow.

Section from the apex of the head to the tips of both ears.

Zigzag part the separation 4 fingers width above the right ear to the left nape.

Step 2:  Make two asymmetrical ponytails to the center of the sections.

The left ponytail is high and the right is low.

Step 3:  Divide the left ponytail into 3 sections, divide it again into 2 more sections, then hold the left section tightly while the right one is turned slightly.

Step 4:  Pass the right one over and around the held section, pushing it towards the scalp.

Pin it in place with a twist effect.

Step 5:  Make a 1.5 cm. rectangle section from the part on the left side.

Step 6:  Make a braid, gathering the hair from the left side only, and hold the braid slightly elevated to create a raised effect.

Step 7:  Pin the braid at the ear.

Make a twist in the remaining part of the section, and pin this at the same point as you pin the braid.

Step 8:  Repeat the process on the left side.

Final Photos:


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