WATCH! Sam Villa Demonstrates the Split Curl

000 Sam Villa

Perfect curls are a thing of the past. Current texture has multiple wave patterns that mix relaxed with the contrived. Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, uses the Split Curl technique to create curls natural enough to be cool.

Create the Split Curl:

·Spray section with Redken spray starch 15 and comb through (do not saturate, spray approximately 6 inches away)

·Using a Marcel iron, place the iron into the section near the base with the barrel on top and the spoon on the bottom to fuse/warm the hair a bit before sliding down to near the ends (leave them out) and doing a 6 wrap.

·Split the section from underneath in 2 with thumb and forefinger and insert the barrel of the iron in the top of the section, slightly pull for a bit of tension (one side will be tight and the other will be loose) - wrap hair up and hold.

·Check the temperature of the section with your fingers for concentration of heat.

·Place both hands on the handle of the iron (don’t open yet), unroll wrapped hair and re-roll it in the opposite direction. The hair that was loose will cool down into tighter curls and what was tight, will cool down into looser curls.

·To release, use the sectioning teeth of a comb to slide the hair off the barrel and hold in fingers to cool.

·Release hair for a split curl – lazy and causal on one side and defined and intentional on the other - multiple texture, the signature of today’s styles.


[Video courtesy of Glow Communications]

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