New Launch: T3 The Fit Dryer

T3 Fit Dryer
T3 Fit Dryer

T3 Micro unveils a compact yet powerful blowdryer: The Fit.

The T3 Fit Features:

  • T3 IonAir TechnologyWide, ion-infused airstream dries hair gently and fast
  • Ion Generator—Saturates airflow with negative ions for a smooth, shiny finish
  • Three Heat and Two Speed Settings—Designed for all hair types and textures
  • Lock-in Cool Shot—Cool air locks in styles for a sleek, lasting finish
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic—Easy and comfortable use
  • Quiet Design—Optimized pitch for a pleasant drying experience
  • Concentrator—Directs airflow for more precise drying
  • Long-Life Motor—Ensures a reliable performance
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