Johnny B Haircare Introduces New Grooming Line for Boys

Jb Jrs Product Line 1Today's kids are no longer satisfied with their moms doing bowl cuts in the kitchen—nor are their moms OK with their boys looking like lopsided ragamuffins. Thanks to the increase of style-savvy kids on social media, boys have never before been more interested in making their appearance look as dope as possible. Luckily Johnny B Juniors is here to help them and their parents deal with their mops. 

Johnny B Juniors, a niche brand designed for boys aged 3-13, is set to launch at the end of September. The five-product line is small enough for any salon/barber shop to keep in stock, yet has enough variety to assist parents with straight or curly hair needs. 

“The idea for Johnny B Juniors came to me last year when we repackaged Johnny B,” Johnny B President and CEO Alfonso Añorga explained. “After 24 years of identifying with the Johnny B character, the parents who used the line on their children because of the classic packaging and youthful appearance were sad to see the switch. With this impetus, and initial interest from one of our distributors who focuses on the children’s salon segment, we pursued development of JBJ.” 

Ideal for hair that isn't yet ready for heavier formulations, Johnny B Juniors was created with a youthful scent. It is also vegan, cruelty-free and pH balanced. The packaging is fun, portraying the Johnny B character in a preteen look flying a kite, blowing bubbles and playing with pets. The five products are:

SHAMPOO: Designed to make bath and shower time a breeze without harsh chemicals or toxins, Johnny B. Juniors Shampoo gently cleanses hair to leave it feeling soft and smooth. Can also be used as a body wash. Appealing berry scent makes bath time fun.

CONDITIONER: This gentle conditioner helps soften and nourish young locks through a highly moisturizing combination of chamomile and panthenol. The rich thick formulation helps detangle the toughest knots for easy combability and high shine.

DETANGLER: This gentle detangler works on wet or dry hair with a unique formulation of natural emollients that combine to combat nasty knots and tangles, leaving kids and parents happy. Carrot and almond oil impart a sweet scent and leave hair feeling smooth and looking shiny.

POMADE: This natural hair wax works wonders on curly or straight hair and can be molded into any style imaginable. The medium hold lasts long and shampoos out with ease. Perfect for taming flyaways and bedhead.

GEL: This no-flake formulation won’t leave hair feeling stiff. Strong hold means styles stay in place with naturally based ingredients for an irritant and allergen-free styling experience.

Johnny B Juniors allows Añorga to reach a younger customer base and grow with them as their grooming needs develop. 

For more information, please visit or call 323.201.6280.

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