Rotation Thumb Ring Shears Provide Superior Comfort for Stylists


There's a new type of shear on the market, and it's designed specifically for stylists' comfort.

The Rotation Thumb Ring Shears by Tondeo allow the perfect balance needed for a good cut. There are infinite ways to control and hold them, because the rotation thumb ring allows more control and flexibility for the wrist, forearm and the entire position of your body to move comfortably.

Carmelo Zammitto, who created and patented the shears, has been using them for more than six years. He says he cannot go back to regular shears, because the advanced properties that the rotation thumb ring provides give so much more comfort than traditional industry scissors. And they improve technical haircutting abilities. The shears were created by an artist for the artist.

The shears are available on or

[Image courtesy of Tondeo]

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