Keratin Complex Launches Texturizing Sets and Products

After2 0With summer right around the corner no girl wants to rock a dull, boring, lackluster hairstyle. Enter Keratin Complex’s newest lineup of products and systems which are designed to give every girl that sought-after boost of texture. Traditionally when you think of keratin, straight and smooth probably come to mind but that idea will soon be long gone from your memory with the rollout this summer of Keratin Complex’s Sweet Definition Texturing Sugar Mist, and Downtown Wave, Glam Volume and Defined Curl Texture Bars. “A common misconception with keratin is that it straightens your hair, but it doesn’t,” says YGallery stylist Missy Beagle. “It just calms it and makes it sleek.”

Keratin1 0Each Texture Bar box contains a step-by-step guide to show you how to get the look whether you desire loose beachy waves, ringlets, or all-over volume, and the products to get you there. Earlier this week in New York City, Keratin Complex gave beauty editors a chance to test out the new products. Read below for the step-by-step to the lived-in look Beagle created using the Defined Curl Texture Box on our very own contributing editor’s locks working with her natural wave.

Step 1: Wash and condition hair with Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Keratin Color Care Conditioner.

Step 2: Prep hair with Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Kerabalm [not included in box]. “This will help to keep hair a bit more conditioned,” explains Beagle.

Step 3: Apply Keratin Complex Vita Volume Boosting Foam and then brush through to distribute throughout the hair.

Backofheadbefore 0Step 4: Blow-dry the roots going against the part to create a more natural look and use fingers to comb through 2- to 3-inch sections from the root to create a little bit of a lift. “Don’t go too far down because you don’t want to pull the hair below the roots straight,” says Beagle. “Pull the roots up so it’s flatter on top and with a bunch of curls below.”

SectionedStep 5: Twist the front pieces of the smoothed-out hair into small sections and secure and push up with clips. “This will give the hair more volume before putting it under the dryer because there is still water weight on the bottom,” shares Beagle.

Sectioned2 0Step 6: Continue to twist the back of the hair in larger sections. “It should be very soft,” explains Beagle. “It’s taking the natural wave and smoothing it out without putting too much tension on it because that will straighten it and you don’t want to straighten it, you want it to be smooth.”

Step 7: Let the hair sit under a standing hair dryer for five minutes. “This will give the hair an air-dried effect without having to wait to air dry it,” shares Beagle.

Step 8: Tilt the head back to create volume, spritz Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist and blow-dry using a diffuser. “This will ensure that it doesn’t rough up the curls,” says Beagle. “And sea salt sprays dry out hair. The Sugar Mist actually helps to retain moisture, which is great for curly girls.”

Step 9: Take the clips out, use fingers to scrunch in Keratin Complex Flex Flow Light Hold Hairspray [not included in box] throughout the hair, diffuse it a bit more to set it but be sure to leave just a bit of moisture in the hair.

Step 10: Finish with Keratin Complex Glowtion Potion Styling Oil. “Everything we are using in the hair today acts as an anti-humectant,” explains Beagle. “This adds in another anti-humectant and will lubricate the curls and fill in any holes so outside moisture and humidity can’t get in.”

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