It's a Wrap on Foils! The Paper Alternative: Hi-Lite Wraps

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W.R. Rayson has been in the beauty industry for over 50 years, and we understand beauty professionals demand the best products at the best price. We created our It’s a Wrap division to sell directly to salons and stylists!

Hi-Lite Wraps are the paper alternative to foils; they eliminate the guessing game of when the client is fully processed. During the color process, the hair will appear tinted through the Hi-Lite Wrap (yes, you can see right through the Wraps), so there is no need to unwrap to monitor progress. Hi-Lite Wraps allow stylists to place highlights around the hair as they wish! Hi-Lite Wraps were created with the busy stylist in mind; they are pre-cut in four sizes for the stylist’s convenience.

Hi-Lite Wraps Features & Benefits

  • The Hi-lite Wraps are lighter and more flexible, which results in faster prep time, earning them the nickname high-speed highlights!
  • You can use the Wraps in highlighting techniques such as balayage, ombre, and baby lights! 
  • Each Hi-Lite Wrap is available in four sizes to fit any length and texture of hair. They are perfect for all your hair creations; each box contains 250 sheets of translucent paper. Hi-Lite Wraps eliminate the need for obsolete foils.
  • Our Hi-Lite Wrap material is chemical-resistant, so you can use it on wet or dry hair preventing hair dye contamination on clothing and the scalp.
  • Easy to apply right at the root and remove since they are flexible enough to be removed with little trouble and no pulling of the client’s hair that you sometimes get when using foils.

One product, many uses—Hi-Lite Wraps help dye your hair, adds highlights, color, or bleach.


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 Hi-Lite Helper Boards are the perfect accessory to make coloring with Hi-Lite Wraps even more enjoyable. All you need is to place the Wrap on the Helper Board, and color away! The plastic Helper Boards are sturdy and fit the Wraps perfectly to help get an even application of bleach or color. The 4x16 sized Hi-Lite Wraps come with a Helper Board in the box. Helper Boards are also available in the 4x7 size and the 4x10 size.

Another great Hi-Lite Wrap accessory is the Hi-Lite Caddy. Our caddies can hold up to 250 sheets, or one box, of the 4x7 size and the 4x10 size. This accessory cuts down on prep time and allows for easy Hi-Lite Wrap retrieval during the hair color process.

A few of the many benefits of the Hi-Lite Caddy include:

  • You can quickly load and stack up your Hi-Lite Wraps neatly.
  • During appointments, the Hi-Lite Caddy makes it is easy to retrieve because the Hi-Lite Wraps are in order.
  • Your workstation remains clutter-free.
  • The organization allows for easy removal, saving time.

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