[GIVEAWAY] Trend Alert: Expensive Blonde With Light Scale CHARCOAL BLEACH

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Create a perfect blonde using Light Scale Up To 10 Charcoal Bleach. This stylist favorite transforms clients from Bleak-Blonde to one of the top trends this year - “Expensive Blonde.” The black paste lightener lifts up to 10 levels, while still leaving the hair healthy and hydrated. Super smooth consistency for an even application, Charcoal Bleach is ideal for use on the scalp for full decoloration, freehand, and balayage.

The bleach contains Charcoal Sugar Complex, a dual-action complex of sugars and charcoal. The sugars work on the surface, in the cuticle, protecting and hydrating the hair throughout the lightening process.

Double Duty?! Charcoal Bleach rids of unwanted yellow/orange tones in the hair during the process. Check out a tutorial from Lisap Milano - USA Brand Ambassador Steph @Vividsandbalayage

Don’t forget to protect the integrity of the hair structure by adding Lisaplex Bond Saver and Lisaplex Hair Structure Filler to your next Light Scale Up To 10 Charcoal Bleach service!

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Blp Lisap 012422 Giveaway

Professionals interested in learning more about Light Scale Up To 10 Charcoal Bleach or Lisap Milano - USA can visit ShopLisap.com and follow @LisapUSA_Official on social media.


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