CLICS’ Revolutionary Hair Color Service

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Stylists and salon owners love the artistry, creativity and personal connections that come with being a cosmetologist. But challenges with hair color are a constant problem that undermines their happiness and their pocketbooks.  Hair color waste, inventory management, limited color choice, tubes, poor quality tools and the smell of ammonia, all conspire to undermine the joy of their profession. Those issues drove CLICS’ founder to find a better way. Leilani Macedo asked herself why, and what could be done to fix them? She envisioned a better way and decided to dedicate herself to creating a solution to empower her sister stylists and salon owners.  So, she sold her salon and started out, not knowing it would take her 10-years and many millions of dollars. But she never gave up! Her vision, the first digital hair color studio for stylists, and a completely automated hair color inventory system for salons. She wanted to leverage the power of smartphones and the Internet, so she recruited a team of engineers. They built a prototype dispenser that proved the potential. She knew she would need help attracting capital and growing the business. She went back behind the chair to find a CEO, this time as a barber! Luck favors the prepared and sometimes fate adds a helping hand. One day, an Internet pioneer sat down in her chair, and she shared her idea. Charles Brown recalls “knowing instantly” that her idea was brilliant. So, they formed CLICS and set out to change professional hair color forever!

They had to innovate in seven different technologies to solve all the problems. The hardest of all was creating the first ever line of mixable MEA based hair color. Leilani knew that as good as the technology was, her stylist community needed a truly exceptional color line. She set the standard so high it took four and a half years of constant research, development, and testing to reach them, but her dedication paid off. Today, leading colorists from around the world are unlocking their creativity and delighting their clients.

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What CLICS has created is nothing short of revolutionary. CLICS has created the first mobile app based digital hair color studio, and the first ever pay-after-dispense color-as-a-service. Stylists can now design any color their hearts desire, name and save them in digital collections, and repeat them perfectly from the automatically recorded client service history. For salons, CLICS has fully automated inventory and restocking. CLICS even allows the salon to go cash flow positive for their hair color purchases by allowing the salon to pay after the color is dispensed and paying only for the grams dispensed. But they didn’t stop there. They know that stylists and salons cherish our planet. So, CLICS eliminates excessive packaging by using recyclable canisters to hold the hair color. Most of all, CLICS invented SmartBowl™ technology to eliminate hair color waste and improve salon profits! CLICS – by a stylist and salon owner for stylists and salon owners.

To learn more, visit www.clics.com and follow @clicscolors on social media.        

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