Learn How To Create This Stunning Copper Hue

Hairstylist madison Truss ProfessionalWho doesn't love a little warmth in the winter? Copper hues are especially beautiful when they are enhanced with dimension and depth. And that's just what Truss Professional Brand Specialist Madison Fetterhoff (@hairstylist.madison) did for her client. 

She first lifted her client using a combo of Truss Professional Air Libre and 8x Powder before depositing color. "My client actually has kind of coarse, frizzy hair," she says, which can obviously be difficult to style, especially after a chemical service. That's why she loves the reparative products from Truss. "I manage these hair types with the Truss Professional Net Mask and K-Recovery," she explains. "Even the most unruly hair will lay smooth and sleek with those products." She says that just adding one to two pumps of K-Recovery will forever change the way you blow-dry. "Give it a try and thank me later," she says. 



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