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Artistrypro… a boutique brand backed by a market leader, SexyHair, to create, design and inspire. Learn about this high performance line full of must have products making it easy for stylist to stock (or carry) and retail. Download artistrypro’s brochure to learn why and how to use each product offering.

Stephanie Polansky SexyHair global director of education gives the scoop on the brand's new artistrypro line— Crafted by a panel of educators, with all their own unique personalities.

BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD: What differentiates artistrypro from other lines in the SexyHair brand portfolio?

STEPHANIE POLANSKY: artistrypro is a boutique brand designed to empower the stylist to be their own artist.” It’s a complete care and styling system of high-performance products that is infused with amino acid technology to strengthen and condition hair. The system offers the top products every stylist needs behind the chair and caters to all hair types, from straight to extremely curly. We also made sure to put our new system into environmentally responsible packaging. We consider artistrypro our boutique brand that stylists can sell, but with the backing of SexyHair.

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Stylists will get a line of products they can retail while receiving the amazing education, marketing and sales support of our brand team.     

BL: How long did the line take to develop? 

SP: Two years. We were determined to have the right packaging, look, message and most importantly, formulas.

BL: What products comprise the line?

SP: Clean Palette, a universal shampoo; Base Coat, a universal conditioner; Cutting Edge, a lightweight priming conditioner; Construct, a root lift spray; Avant-Guard, a thermal protectant and finishing spray; Tactile, a dry texture spray; and Remodel, a dry shampoo. We also have Refined Styling Paste, Sculpted Styling Gel, and Hand Crafted Blow Dry Protection Serum available now!

BL: What are the key ingredients in the products?

SP: Our products are infused with amino acids that penetrate the cortex and sit on the hair’s surface to strengthen and condition strands from the inside out. Hair feels healthier and has more shine then before using this system. 

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