Results: Do you provide education to your clients on the products/services you offer?

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The experience you offer a client during a service plays a large role in whether they will decide to return as a repeat client. 

There's many ways you can offer a stand-out service to a client, but this week, there's one aspect that Beauty Launchpad is interested in: education. 

Hairstylists that offer educational opportunities for their clients allow both stylist and client to be on the same page about why a service will turn out the way it does, how a product works, how often a service or product should be offered/used and more. Whether this is talking through a service or product with a client or offering additional opportunities to learn about their hair/hair health, the nuggets of education that a stylist offers a client can be a great way to keep a client in your chair and develop a meaningful and lasting relationship, showing your client you care about their well-being. 

So, with all that in mind, Beauty Launchpad asked its followers in a recent poll if they provide education about the products and services they offer their clients. You can see the results of the poll below.

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